Ansmann Battery Tester - Energy Check LCD

Code: 4013674000395

Ansmann Battery Tester Energy Check LCD for all common batteries.

The Ansmann Battery Tester is an ideal station for testing a range of common batteries, including Alkaline, Lithium Photo, Lithium Button, Zinc-Air, NiCD and NiMH. The tester is compact and easy to use, providing the energy content of the cell within 2-3 seconds in 10% increments and the voltage in volts.

The tester has a contact pin for ease of use, or the battery can simply be pressed to the space provided.

The station is suitable for:
Lithium button cells 3V: CR1025 / CR1216 / CR1220 / CR1616 / CR1620 / CR2016 / CR2025 / CR2032 / CR2320 / CR2430 / CR2450
Lithium photon batteries: CR2 / CR123A / CRV3 / CRP-2 / 2CR5
Alkaline button cells: LR43 / LR44 / LR45 / LR48 / LR54 / LR55 / LR59 / LR58 / LR60 / LR66
Zinc-air button cells: V675 / V13 / V312
Alkaline batteries: A23 (12V) / AAA / AA / C / D / 9V
NiCd-/NiMH cells: AAA / AA / C / D 

  • Ultra fast testing
  • Indicates the cell capacity in 10% steps
  • Indicates the battery voltage in V
  • Includes 9V battery
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