Lansky Four Rod TurnBox Knife Sharpener

Code: 080999037508

Lansky Four Rod TurnBox Knife Sharpener with Medium Diamond and Fine Ceramic rods.

The Lansky Four Rod TurnBox sharpener features four 5" rods, including 2 medium grit Diamond for sharpening and 2 fine grit white Cermaic rods for finishing. The two stage knife sharpening system has a hardwood turnbox with space to store the rods in the base.

The TurnBox is designed to sharpen kitchen, filet and regular knives. There are two pre set knife sharpenging angles, 25 degrees to provide a sharp, durable edge to most kitchen knives and 20 degrees to give a very sharp edge on a blade.

  • Hardwood Turnbox
  • 4 x 5" rods (2 medium - diamond, 2 fine - ceramic)
  • Box dimensions: 5 cm x 15 cm (approx.)
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