Lansky Tactical Sharpening Rod

Code: 080999097656

Lansky Tactical Sharpening Rod with Diamond Rod and Fine Tungsten Carbide.

The Lansky Tactical Sharpening Rod combines the speed of Lansky's proven Tungsten Carbide sharpeners with the compact convenience of the retractable Diamond rod. The sharpener is lightweight and slim, making it ideal for everyday carry so you can quickly maintain your blade as the need arises.

The fine (600 Grit) diamond rod allows for fast reconditioning and maintenance of your variour knives and just 3 to 4 strokes on the tungsten carbide tip will restore your blade.

  • Sharpening angles are preset at 22.5º to achieve a 45º inclusive angle
  • Diamond 600 grit
  • Do not apply oil to Diamond surface - clean with water and wipe shavings away with a lint free rag
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