Swiss Army Knife - Mountaineer

Code: 7611160100344

The lightweight Swiss Army "Officer's Knife" for mountaineers.

The Swiss Army Mountaineer is an innovative, lightweight multi-tool that can be used for a range of applications, from outdoor adventures to DIY at home. A specialty of the Mountaineer is dealing with metal, featuring a file and metal saw made from hardened, stainless steel.


  1. Large blade 
  2. Small blade 
  3. Corkscrew 
  4. Can opener
  5. Small screwdriver
  6. Cap lifter
  7. Screwdriver
  8. Wire stripper
  9. Reamer
  10. Punch 
  11. Keyring 
  12. Tweezers 
  13. Toothpick 
  14. Multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier) 
  15. Nail file
  16. Metal file
  • Colour: Red
  • Length: 91 mm
  • Width: 27 mm
  • Height: 21 mm
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