Maxpedition Mega Rollypoly

Code: 846909000488

The Maxpedition Mega Rollypoly is a super-sized folding dump pouch for perfect for filling with items when you are on the go.

This Mega Rollypoly by Maxpedition is a super-sized dolding dump pouch, made for collecting small games, carrying shopping, or hampering your dirty laundry during travel.

It has a paracord cinch and velcro flap lid to secure the top of the bag.

As this is a large bag which will hang down to roughly thigh level, Maxpedition have included a 1.5 inch adjustable leg strap for extra security, however the leg strap can easily fold away with the bag.

Available in black, olive drab green or khaki.

  • Folded: 4" long x 4" wide x 2" thick
  • Open: 8" diameter, 11" tall
  • Total Volume: 500 cu. in.
  • Belt: Integral Closed Loop
  • Leg Strap: 1.5" adjustable leg strap included
  • Siamese SlikCip (included)
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