Exotac TinderTin

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Exotac TinderTin Firestarting Tinder. Available as Splinters or Shavings.

The Exotac TinderTin is a lightweight, compact pack of fatwood tinder than is essential for your outdoor exploring gear. Fatwood contains a large amount of resin, therefore it lights quickly, burns hot and can tolerate both wind and moisture. The tinder is completely natural and grown in Georgia, USA where it is recovered from the lumber industry and repurposed for your fire starting needs!

The TinderTin is available as either shavings or splinters. The shavings are easily lit with an open flame or a ferrocerium fire starter, such as the NanoStriker XL. The splinters are best lit with another tinder, such as shavings, cotton balls, dry grass or an open flame. Stack the Fatwood in a log cabin style to increase the available oygen and light the thinnest portion of the splinter, usually the end that it is sharpest.

  • Durable, reuseable tin with screw on lid
  • Repurposed waste from the lumber industry
  • Made from domestic, organic materials
  • Ignites quickly and burns hot
  • Wind and moisture tolerant
  • Made in the USA
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